The stakeholders

The stakeholders

There are many public and private stakeholders, institutions, associations, publishing professionals and individuals who are committed in a variety of guises to developing the art of reading and the taste for books, promoting access to books and other works, developing a taste for words and writing, and assisting with mastering the language. Familiarising yourself with these stakeholders on the ground can help you to nurture contacts and get to know each other better and thereby consolidate Le Havre's reading network.


Publishers and bookshops are generally the first stakeholders to be cited in the 'book chain', as they are considered with good reason to be essential links in the chain which creates and commercialises books. However, the whole book, reading and writing scene encompasses numerous other stakeholders who are just as important in terms of creation, distribution, access to written or audio works, learning to read, rediscovering reading and mastering the language.

Le Havre has a generous supply of public and private stakeholders, institutions, regional authorities, associations and committed individuals who are using their skills to promote books, reading and a taste for and a mastery of words, thereby accomplishing their mission and achieving their respective objectives.


Reading in Le Havre can facilitate contacts and familiarise people with these various stakeholders on the ground.

The lists given here will be regularly updated - any modification or suggestion can be communicated to the site's webmaster. They are organised under the following categories:


- Authors*: residents of Le Havre or the surrounding area or with strong and durable links with Le Havre who have been responsible for the publication of at least one work in the last ten years (the publisher having overseen the distribution of the work across a substantial range of outlets regionally and/or nationally) and at least one of whose works is publicly available.

- Bookshops: general or specialist bookshops, in Le Havre itself or in the surrounding area, whose sales space is primarily devoted to books and can order publications by the unit.

Bookshops selling antique and second-hand works which are based in Le Havre or the surrounding area.

 - Libraries and reading centres: book repositories in Le Havre and the surrounding area, municipal and university establishments, toy libraries, specialist libraries and documentation centres, libraries in hospitals and prisons, and NGO libraries where the public can consult documents on-site and which have a specific budget for acquiring books, are regularly open to the public and have a trained and dedicated staff. 

- Story-tellers and public readers whose main residence is in Le Havre or the surrounding region who principally perform, and at least once  a year, in Haute-Normandie.  

- Organisers of literary events and prizes: the event takes place in Le Havre or the surrounding region and adheres to the charter of literary events drawn up by the Agence régionale du Livre de  Haute-Normandie ( Books, reading or writing should be at the heart of these events. 

- Associations and institutions focusing on community integration, mediation, literacy and help and support with writing whose headquarters are in Le Havre or the surrounding area and whose main activities are centred in Le Havre and the surrounding area, with books, reading and writing being the focus of activities..


- Publishing houses whose head office is in Le Havre or the surrounding area and whose principal activity is publishing books or which have a department devoted exclusively to the publishing of books, and which publishes at least one work each year, the most recent being within the last year, which does not publish just a single author, whose books have an ISBN number (except in the case of publishers of  art books) and who transmit a copy of the book to the Bibloithèque nationale.


- Specific training in professions associated with books, documentation and cultural mediation in Le Havre 


- Premises for authors in residence in Le Havre


*To find out about all the stakeholders in books, reading and writing in Haute Normandie, visit the website of the Agence régionale du Livre de Haute-Normandie

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