The Network

The locations

The locations


The Reading in Le Havre municipal network comprises locations of varying sizes spread out across the town: the Bibliothèque Armand Salacrou, the future library at the Niemeyer site, the district libraries, the reading centres and the parking stations of the Bibliobus.  Ranging from 50 to 5000m² (plus the Bibliobus!), these locations, collections and services are free and accessible to everyone. The Reading in Le Havre card enables you to register for the entire network.


Locations in the town

The Reading in Le Havre municipal network stretches across the entire town:

-          in the town centre, there is the Bibliothèque Armand Salacrou and the future library at the Niemeyer site.

-          Towards the south and the east there is the Médiathèque Léopold Sédar Senghor, the Bibliothèque de Graville and the Relais Lecture Massillon.

-          Towards the east in the upper part of town, there is the Médiathèque de Caucriauville and the Relais Lecture d'Aplemont. 

-          Towards the west and the north, there is the Médiathèque Martin Luther King, the Bibliothèque du Mont Gaillard, the Bibliothèque de la Mare Rouge and the Relais Lecture Sanvic

-          The Bibliobus  completes the network.

The Reading in Le Havre network is going to expand in the coming months with the opening of new reading centres. The Bibliothèque de Graville and the Bibliothèque du Mont Gaillard will be revamped to offer new spaces and services to the public.


Additional locations

The Reading in Le Havre network offers free access for everyone (from toddlers to senior citizens) to a variety of additional locations, services and events. Wherever you are, our staff are committed to greeting you, guiding you and advising you.

The reading centres and the Bibliobus are all about accessibility -  they cater to your reading needs and offer a convivial opportunity for shared experiences in your local neighbourhood. You can leaf through the books and reviews on-site or borrow them and take them home. The range of fiction and non-fiction on offer is aimed at a very broad public.

Useful to know: the reading centres offer a convivial atmosphere, comfortable facilities, internet access and a variety of events.

The district libraries stretch over a wider area and have large collections which, depending on the location, include CDs, DVDs, and DVD-Roms. Specific subject areas (in particular, jobs and training) supplement these collections, which are aimed at a broad public.

Useful to know: depending on the location, there are 'marmothèques' (reading spaces for toddlers), teen spaces, video games, table seats and event areas for the screening of films, for shows and for a variety of workshops. Internet access is available throughout.

The Bibliothèque Armand Salacrou has the largest collections (books, press and reviews, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, DVD-Roms, sheet music). They are aimed at a wide public, from babies to senior citizens, but they also cater to more specialised needs and include significant heritage collections.

Useful to know: there is a public multimedia space offering internet access, training workshops and multimedia design workshops. An events space plays host to numerous gatherings and shows for children and adults. There are table seats for working, and armchairs throughout for relaxing in.

The Collections

The collections

The Reading in Le Havre network offers collections and documentary resources which are continuously being enriched and updated. They are aimed at a wide public, from toddlers to adults. They cater to the public's expectations in terms of leisure, finding information and satisfying their curiosity and their desire to understand, to dream, to mature and to find out: press, novels, books on a whole variety of subjects, comic strips, music, films, music scores, video games, DVD-Roms, ebooks, language learning aids, specialised content… . The old, rare and precious documents constitute part of our heritage. 


Over 300,000 documents are available to the public at the various locations which make up the Reading in Le Havre network, with a further 30,000 documents reserved for loan to local authorities and over 150,000 heritage documents.

These collections, which are regularly updated, are composed of:

-          books (printed books, ebooks, audio-texts on CD): novels, comic strips, essays and documentaries on every subject, from cooking to philosophy, law, health, the arts, travel guides

-          and local, national and international newspapers, magazines and reviews.

-          Music (CDs and online)

-          sheet music

-          films (DVDs, Blu-rays, online): films in all genres, documentaries, TV series

-          CD-Roms / DVD-Roms, video games

-          Language learning aids, aids for self-teaching online.


The libraries and reading centres do not all offer the same services - check the information leaflet for your library or reading centre.

Useful to know: specialised collections:

- to cater to training requirements

As life-long learning becomes increasingly important, the Reading in Le Havre network offers specialised collections to assist in learning initiatives and courses, including support for pupils at school, career and professional guidance, career options, language courses, preparation for civil service examinations and tips on writing a CV.

- for the visually impaired

Large-print books (novels and articles) make reading more comfortable. Public readings of novels, essays, books and tales for children, plays, lectures and interviews give a flavour of high quality text and speech.

-          online

Ebooks, music, films, aids for learning a language, and help in revising or preparing for civil service examinations or learning the highway code are accessible online: you can access some of these resources remotely, from your home. Others can only be consulted within the Reading in Le Havre network..

-          Le Havre and the surrounding region

The Normandy collections (Bibliothèque A. Salacrou) include heritage documents and contemporary collections on Le Havre and Normandy - over 2,000 books and 21 reviews are freely accessible, and over 12,000 books and 205 reviews are in store and delivered upon request.

-          in foreign languages press and books in foreign languages are available at certain libraries: consult the information leaflet for your library or reading centre.



The activities of the libraries, the reading centres and the many institutions and associations in the town are intended to nurture the pleasure and practice of reading, an interest in words, music and film for all generations, to promote participation in social and cultural events, to prevent or to overcome illiteracy and to help people to master the information technologies of today. 


To encourage reading at all ages, there are numerous activities:

-          in partnership with the national education system, reception services, workshops and fun and educational events are being offered in play schools, primary schools and secondary schools.

-          'Reading outdoors': because any opportunity to read is welcome, books, stories and games are coming out onto the streets, the squares, the Christmas markets and the beaches.

-          'Reading together': partnerships with old people's homes, medical centres, leisure centres and centres for children, adults and disabled people; library visits and services (provision of books, arranging of events).

-          Partnerships with associations and bodies campaigning for literacy, supporting people with mastering the language and promoting the practice of reading among children and adults.

-          Workshops and multimedia trainings: sessions customised for very diverse needs (from learning how to use a computer to using electronic tablets to digital design and Web 2.0) throughout the year in the libraries.

-          Educational and awareness-raising sessions about literature for young people can also be provided.

-          Stories for kids and grown-ups, writing, graphic design and music workshops, reading clubs, film screenings….

-          Exhibitions featuring graphic designers, contemporary writers and writers of the past, and the riches of the library's collection.


For further information, a partnership request or suggestions for activities, please contact the cultural mediation coordinators of the Reading in Le Havre network:

Nicolas Jacq, town centre: tel: 02 77 61 25 01

Ludivine Lecene, western districts: ludivine.lecene@lehavre.frtel : 02 77 61 30 02

Cécilia Le Metayer, eastern districts: tel: 02 35 49 69 76

Thomas Siriot, southern districts: tel: 02 35 13 55 43

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